Invest Local Series: Burlington


Invest Local Series: Burlington
Equity Crowdfunding: Vermonters Investing in Vermont Businesses

Learn how easy it is to become a small equity partner in local businesses. Vermont allows a new type of crowdfunding that puts your money to work locally. Investments as small as $250 are possible. No stock market. No money managers. No Kickstarter. This is directly investing in the local businesses you love.

Milk Money is Vermont's first portal for equity crowdfunding, allowing Vermonters to directly invest in Vermont companies. Vermont Food Investors Network (VFIN) creates opportunities for local individuals, businesses, and investors to network, build prosperous local businesses, invest money in our community, and help build a more resilient and sustainable economy in the Vermont foodshed. 


• What is equity crowdfunding?
• What are your benefits when you become an equity partner of a local business?
• How can Vermont businesses benefit from local equity funding from your neighbors?
• How can my business attract investment by Vermonters?
• What is Milk Money?


Meet Vermont entrepreneurs who are actively seeking investment from Vermonters.

Hosted by Milk Money and VFIN and sponsored by Slow Money Vermont