ENGAGE, EMBRACE, CELEBRATE. This is our calling. Here at ArtsRiot we call it destroying apathy. Creative community events happen every night. Fundraisers, food events, concerts, panel discussions, birthday parties, revivals of 1920 Argentinian communist theater. We program events for every type of cause. To us, we are not concerned with what motivates you, we just want to see that you are engaged in something! Making conscious decisions in life leads to a greater world. ArtsRiot's events are the medium through which we incite the shift towards a happier and healthier future. Come and enjoy our diverse events!

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Our restaurant serves food as diverse and fun as the events we throw. Sourced ethically and locally, we cook the food that we want to eat. It's the food we are psyched about and we think you'll love it too.  Under the guidance of Chef George Lambertson, the kitchen will always keep the quality high, the creativity flowing, and the the surprises frequent.

Our menu consists of classic dishes and seasonal specials that change daily. We are open for dinner before events, during events, and for some nights just because. In order to give you the best service and care (especially during the most colorful events), we now serve table service in the dining room!

Tuesday to Saturday 4:30-10:00pm.  

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Located at 400 Pine Street in Burlington,  in the heart of the South End Arts District, our home is a renovated industrial warehouse from the early 1900‘s. The space is the perfect place for creative, energetic events. Our 4,000 square foot space houses a restaurant, bar and separate room for events and live music.

Please get in contact with us to partner on an event!  

The Public Event form is for any public event such as socials, fundraisers, shows, theater, anarchist puppetry, etc.

The Private Event form is for any special event that is just for you and yours such as weddings, birthday parties, company parties, anniversaries, etc.


ArtsRiot's second kitchen. South enders know how tasty Chef George Lambertson's food is, so we decided to spread the joy.

Let us bring our Food Truck to your next party. Great for weddings, birthdays, rehearsal dinners, lunch and festivals. We also can coordinate multiple vendors to give larger groups a Truck Stop experience.



We have always thought that the best parties all share the same three things:
Good music. Good people. Good bar.

Our full service creative bar catering company.