Venue Details
330 Capacity / 220 Seated
Open Tuesday-­Saturday (available Sunday & Mondays for shows). Full Bar and food service.
All shows can be all ages.

Technical Specs
2x QSC 153 main speakers flown one per side
2x QSC 181 single 18in subs under stage.
5x EV ELX 112 monitor speakers on qsc amplification. 5 monitor mixes, 5 monitor speakers.
32 channel main snake
FOH is Behringer X32
8 tall mic stands
8 small stands
4x sm58
4x sm57
1x 609
1x beta 52
3x 604 tom mic's
2x sm81's
4x di boxes
16 par 46's upstage
4 colordash par tri
4 par 46
4 par 56
**power available is 2 20 amp circuits.