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Family Room Benefit Bash

$17ADV/$20 DAY OF

Concert and DJ Jam Bash to fudraise money for this Burlington Vermont Family Center. Come listen to music, dance all evening, and enjoy an incredible show performed by Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater. What better way to rise money for a crucial community program that offers so much to so many.
DJs for the Bash:
DJ Jon Demus
Aspero Saicos - Peruvian surf rock (featuring members of rough Francis)

In late October we learned that funding for the Janet S. Munt VNA Family Room was being drastically cut and that three veteran staff positions were being eliminated. We were blindsided by these cuts. Our staff and the parents of the children who enjoy the Family Room immediately began to organize, strategize and reach out to the greater Burlington community to help reduce the effects of these cuts. Our immediate goal is to raise enough money to bring the staff members back and return the programs and activities to their previous level. Our long term goal is to make the Family Room financially stable and create an organization that can steer us through the twists and turns of running a successful non-profit.

Please check out their crowd sourcing site as well: