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Tea Tasting with Little Tree Tea


Join us for an interactive guided tasting of some of the best, and freshest Japanese green and Taiwanese oolong teas.  Recently returned from their spring tour of Japan and Taiwan, Little Tree Tea's owners will be brewing up some unique finds and sharing travel stories. Learn about the origins, production methods, and brewing techniques of these delicate and complex teas. Enjoy comparing and contrasting the flavors and aromas of these fine teas as the perfect compliment to a relaxing summer evening.

Little Tree Tea offers high quality loose leaf tea and small group tours of tea producing regions in Asia. With 13 years of experience in the tea industry, the founders of Little Tree Tea are committed to bringing together tea lovers with the hard working farmers and artisans that produce the best tea and tea ware in the world. Tea tastings led by Little Tree Tea are fun and informative events where seasoned tea lovers and curious new comers can learn about how and where tea is made as well as consider and discuss the complex flavors and subtle differences between the world’s finest teas in a casual yet informative setting.

Earlier Event: July 16