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Poetry Riot

Poetry Riot
with Young Writers Project, Inc.
Hosted By Rajnii Eddins

FREE - $3 Suggested Donation

Poetry Riot (formally known as Poetry Slam) is ArtsRiot's longest running residency. True to the motto Destroy Apathy, it is a local open mic and platform of expression for experienced and budding poets alike. We pride ourselves on holding a warmly inviting inclusive space that is safe to be vulnerable and authentic in and to share your unique expression. All are welcome! This event is sponsored by the Young Writers Project.

Featured Poet:
Alan Haehnel

The two most important loves of Alan Haehnel's life are his family and words. He has been married to the same beautiful woman for 33 years, has helped raise three extraordinary children and delights in the continuing surprises he gets from his two grand-children. Words, too, have been Alan's companions and offspring throughout his life. He has been an English, drama and speech teacher for 25 years, and his writing career has yielded over 100 plays produced around the world. His relationship with slam poetry has blossomed only lately, but Alan finds it a natural extension of his life-long pursuit of the best vehicles to communicate using all the aspects of words: meaning, suggestion, rhythm, rhyme.