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Bison EP Release/Send Off Show


Noise Ordinance & Foam Brewers Present
EP Release & Live Album Recording
with Guthrie Galileo and The Pyros

For over four years, Bison has been writing and performing music that came to them through their many and diverse influences. Their journey led them to discover a sound that they proclaim as Disco Punk. Due to life, the band is coming to an indefinite ending this July. This ArtsRiot show is to celebrate their last studio work as well as the life of this band and all of those who have listened to and experienced their music.

$8 | $10 DAY OF SHOW

Bison (Burlington, VT)
And they were there, before everyone else. Before the Euro trash. Before the farmers, the hunters, the peasants, the noblemen. Before the steel. Before the disease. Before the east indians. Maybe even before the west indians. Before the vikings. Before the forests were taken. Before the folly of man. They were everywhere. In the woods, the mountains, the prairies, the rivers, the swamps, the caves, the clouds, the geysers, and yes, the moon. They were there, before everyone else. And they were Bison.

Guthrie Galileo (Burlington, VT)
Burlington, VT-based producer and performer of alternative R&B music that is derived from an eclectic blend of influences and a desire to express the realities of human experience the good, the bad, and always, the most sincere.

The Pyros (Burlington, VT)
We are fire 3 piece. We dive into many avenues of the “rock n roll” genre: rockabilly, surf, 80s punk, indie, classic rock, funkjazz. Everything is very angular, swingy, raw feeling. All lyrics are honest portraits of sex, love, career, self, culture.