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Heartworks School Arts Show


Heartworks Preschools' Annual Art Show. The School displays 90 pieces of beautiful art made by the children of Heartworks ages 2-5. Families of the students can come in to view and celebrate their child and the artwork created.

Check them out:

The name Heartworks reflects the care for preschool children as truly a “Work of the Heart,” and indicates our commitment to provide a loving educational, social and emotional experience for each child. With an eye towards kindergarten preparation, we balance a structured curriculum with exploration and value building. Through themes such as Science, Stories Around the World, Creative Arts, Cultures, Animal Homes and People Homes, Water, Celebrations from Around the World and Family and Friends, as well as a STEAM Program in the afternoon, we build on children’s natural curiosity about their world, with programs designed to enrich each child with trust, faith in the goodness of humanity, a deep connection with the natural world and a strong sense of fairness and compassion for all living things.

Our carefully created classrooms are filled with natural materials, books, age appropriate toys and classroom supplies. In this warm and welcoming environment children feel safe and confident, enabling them to ask questions, to experiment, to develop supportive relationships with teachers and peers and ultimately to open their minds to the important lessons that will help them become successful learners and citizens in their community and the world. At Heartworks Preschools, students and teachers are truly engaging in the “Work of the Heart.”