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Champlain Parkway "Do It Right The First Time"


Evening panel presentation and community discussion on Alternate Designs for the Champlain Parkway, Pine street Corridor, and Railyards Connection. the Alternate design are based on current Best Practices for Community Development and Transportation Planning.

Moderator and Panelists include: Charles Simpson, PhD; Steve Goodkind, retired Director DPW and City Engineer; Tony Redington, Transportation Analyst; Diane Gayer, Architect & Planner.
Topics include: strengthening the street network, roundabouts, stormwater, ecosystems health, lower carbon footprint, "walk to school", bike/ped priorities, and RR needs, etc.
Let’s work on a win-win solution that meets the needs of the 21st C. rather than spending $43mil on a program from the past.