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SLAM! Spoken Word Poetry

6:30 PM

Burlington's local poets take the stage and share in our SLAM monthly series. There will be a rotating featuring every month and host Rajnii Eddins bringing great vibes to the stage. SLAM also saves time for an open mic portion and welcomes anyone to share their work.

"The point is the poetry," says Rajnii Eddins, MC of our new slam night series and hopeful leader of a national-level Burlington Slam Team. Since he moved from Seattle, Rajnii's been waiting for the chance to kick our slam scene into gear and bring that option to the community, and now, he declares, "Anybody can come to the mic and share, hone their craft and see where they can take their words." The night will open with an open mic session and then roll into a juried set, with judges pulled from the audience and participants pouring their literary souls into three-minute performances. At the end of the evening, there'll be a winner, but really, explains Rajnii, "the points are props and ploys to get people to come." So, whether you're a seasoned vet of a thousand stages or a rank amateur trying to overcome stage fright, bring what you've got and step on up.