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Cinema Casualties Presents: Silent Night Deadly Night

silent night deadly night

Cinema Casualties Presents: Silent Night Deadly Night


3 years ago we attempted to bring "Silent Night, Deadly Night" to fans as our first Christmas screening, but the Scrooges that be unceremoniously shut us down. Now with a fresh lease on its cinematic life, this controversial holiday horror classic has been graciously gifted to us, so you'd better watch out. This is the quintessential sleazy Santa slasher flick, a film that takes the classy, professional treatment given to earlier films like "Black Christmas" and "Halloween" and says "Screw that, it's the '80s! More gore!" Notoriously picketed by soccer moms everywhere as the most vile affront to family values ever dangled dangerously in front of our innocent, vulnerable children's eyes, the film of course shot to the top of every kid's list of naughty movies they needed to see. It doesn't disappoint - "Silent Night, Deadly Night" is an enduring, fully-stuffed stocking, the kind of gift that keeps on giving to fans while simultaneously living on as the proverbial lump of coal to frowning haters everywhere. Thankfully, the Cinema Casualties audience has been naughty this year, and will finally be getting what they deserve.

Cinema Casualties is a not-for-profit series dedicated to screening trashy, audience-friendly old-school horror movies, which seeks to bring people together as a celebration of the communal joy inherent in the film-going experience specific to the genre. The series has been running at ArtsRiot since July of 2015.

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