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Cinema Casualties Presents: Slumber Party Massacre

8:30PM DOORS | 9:00 SHOW

School’s letting out and summer’s heating up, which means slumber party season is in full swing! In tribute to this time-honored tradition, Cinema Casualties is excited to bring you “Slumber Party Massacre.” Typically, this is where we offer you a plot synopsis, but the makers of this 1982 cult classic have kindly (and shrewdly) done us the favor of including basically everything you need to know right in the title. Packed to the brim with unapologetic sleaze, gratuitous nudity and graphic gore, “Slumber Party Massacre” is also a perfect example of the unexpected coding and complicated gender issues sometimes found within the horror genre. Most people are shocked when they discover the film was actually both written and directed by women (Rita Mae Brown and Amy Holden Jones, respectively). Brown wrote it as a parody of slasher films, meaning to mock the misogyny that the horror genre is sometimes criticized for, but the studio chose to film it as a straight slasher picture, effectively proving her right in a somewhat disheartening fashion. However, Jones picked up the project as the director, bringing some female perspective back into the picture. The result is an ultra-sleazy movie about half-naked (and often fully naked) girls getting knocked off by a drill-wielding maniac which unexpectedly becomes a film which is also about feminine empowerment (kind of). Either way, “Slumber Party Massacre” is a fast-moving, often-hilarious, patently ridiculous film that is perfect for a hot summer night with Cinema Casualties!

Cinema Casualties is a not-for-profit series dedicated to screening trashy, audience-friendly old-school horror movies, which seeks to bring people together as a celebration of the communal joy inherent in the film-going experience specific to the genre. The series has been running since July of 2015, mostly at ArtsRiot (with two screenings taking place at Main Street Landing Film House), and is going into its 16th screening with “Slumber Party Massacre.”

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