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Mass Incarceration and Vermont


Join Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform for the evening to learn about mass incarceration in Vermont. Who is being incarcerated and why? How does the criminal justice system’s reliance on incarceration affect our community?

After a basic overview of incarceration in Vermont, hear stories from those directly affected, via excerpts from letters written by incarcerated people, video clips of formerly incarcerated Vermonters and family members, and writings by incarcerated women from Writing Inside Vermont. Lastly, hear from a panel including Sha'an Mouliert, Wendy Pelkey, Anthony Dion, TJ Donovan, and Suzi Wizowaty. Come be a part of the discussion about how to end mass incarceration in Vermont. All are welcome!

Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform is a non-profit educational and advocacy organization established in 2013.
The U.S. locks up more people than any other country in the world, including a grossly disproportionate number of minorities. This is true in Vermont as well. But this mass incarceration has proven to be an ineffective, often counter-productive approach to criminal justice—and a poor use of taxpayer dollars. It has also created an underclass of citizens with criminal convictions whose housing options, employment, and educational opportunities are severely limited. At VCJR we believe we can create safer, more productive communities by addressing interpersonal harm differently. We need to shift our emphasis from punishment/retribution to accountability/restoration. We need to reduce criminal penalties, severely limit incarceration and redirect spending to job training, treatment, and education.