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Catwalk for Water

6:00 DOORS

Every year Aveda celebrates Earth month to raise awareness of an important global environment issue, clean water. One of the ways we achieve this is by hosting Catwalks for Water, annual green carpet events during which local Aveda salon and institutes come together to raise money for Earth Month by showcasing their inspiration, creativity, and technical skills in hair, make-up and fashion. One of the wonderful things about Catwalks for Water is that we strive to fund the event entirely by donations from community-minded businesses and people.

Aveda is a company that creates beauty products and who has always had a large impact on the community around them. All of our products are 95% plant based making Earth month one of our most important and biggest fundraisers, so that can create a change in the environment. This is something our company has been doing for many years and throughout the United States. The fashion show will consist of students creating fashion looks with only recyclable material. It's an event we are very passionate about and love to get other like minded businesses involved. Therefore, most everything at the event is donated. We are still in touch with many businesses looking for donated raffle prizes. As we get closer to the event I would love our beneficiaries to be recognized, we will keep you updated as we continue to create our list!